The Tearing of the Weave

Ambush at Myth Drannor

I’ve been very active recently, with business in Shadowdale, Sembia, Cormyr, Waterdeep, and now Myth Drannor. Spring is arriving, and with it, new challenges for the Fellowship.

We have become somewhat famous; I find it flattering and enjoyable, but also filled with responsibility. Even the Elves of Cormanthor seem to accept my word; I hope that relations between our countries can improve, through me.

The Coronal (Queen) of the Elves has been most gracious, and is permitting us to explore our leads on Windsong Tower. A talking raven invited us to visit a hunting lodge near the tent city of Myth Drannor, apparently the pet or familiar of a wizardess popular in these parts, who may have information for us. Even Aster knew of her. In hindsight, I should have been more suspicious that the raven wanted us to visit at midnight…

The lodge was somewhat broken down, with a damaged roof and walls, but a woman’s voice welcomed us inside when we opened the doors. Ivak cast a spell to check for magical effects, and the moment he did so, we were assaulted with poisonous spell energy. Lemac rushed through the cloud of gas and into the chamber where the voice emanated from, only to be ambushed and horribly injured by an entire group of werewolves. An ebony skinned woman (but not a drow) flickering with magical energy also assaulted us, and we were hard pressed by poison, lightning bolts, magical knife-bolts, and strangling tentacles. Once I reached them, I slew most of the werewolves, none of them very willing to face my blade. Ivak countered many of the offensive spells, and crushed the remaining lycanthrope, as well as most of the furniture.

Arianna was nearly killed by the strangling tentacles magic, but Ivak and I were able to free her just in time, and she escaped. I burst through the roof of the lodge and into the chamber with the wizardess, and we turned our attentions to her, despite the fact that she was able to step into the shadows on the walls, and reappear anywhere else similar. Arianna came back into the lodge, blowing the doors open, and smote the wizardess with Sunite magical anger, causing her to be instantly eradicated. We managed to escape with our lives, but do not know much about our attacker, other than that she was a Shade.



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