The Tearing of the Weave

Brooch Diaries33-123

Day 33-47
These days were spent in research and conversation, as Ayamalia was within the confines of Myth Drannor she made her reports in person rather than via her brooch, so we have no transcript of her activities. All we know is that she was struggling to solve the riddle of this song:

Tall grew the trees in the hidden glade, Below the tower that was not a tower. Kept safe for eons from spell and blade, By guardians who wielded Mystra’s power. The words that sighed through their golden leaves Had been heard in part but never whole, But the tall trees fell to the hands of thieves And Magic’s death is now their goal. A precious circle of wizard’s skill Is the key to their sundered ground. Their home lies silent now and still ‘Til the door in Nature’s hall is found. The living must find that which is lost Before the world is riven, Or mortals and gods will pay the cost And lose forever the blessings given.

Day 48
We followed up on a hunch and attempted to gain access to Windsong Tower through a portal in the basement of the naturalist’s guild. We were successful and encountered the first of the tower’s guardians, a being that called itself “The Adroit”

Day 49
Today we found a beautiful temple to Corellan Lotharian and a defaced one to Mystra. It is sad to see that our enemies have been here already and destroyed so much of what was once beautiful. We met the second guardian today, “The Warrior”.

Day 50
We found the Master of Windsong Tower. Darkason is a diviner and the creator of the three guardians; the adroit and the warrior whom we faced and the monkish one we did not. It was he who sent the vision that crafted the song which led us here and he who has explained the terrible events that led him to call for aid. In a special room, accessible only through strict protocols rested a treasure of our people, the Quess Ar Teranthuar. These have been stolen by Shades, and we must stop the dark ritual that our enemies plan or all the weave itself may be destroyed. To find them we will attempt to track the footsteps of Sharr, a translator of the leaves of one night to the Tomb of Auguthra the mad.

Day 51
Today was a day full of reading and research, there is not much to report.

Day 52
Sharr, who helped write the “leaves of one night” left from here for the tomb of Auguthra the mad, so there must be some information buried in the library about where it lies, and how to get there.

Day 53
Searching the library for information is informative, if not in the way I had hoped. Did you know that there are beings called Sharns that are an amalgam of three other creatures and that they created the Sharn wall that blocks our scrying to keep the Phaerim within Anauroch?

Day 54
It is a shame that we cannot simply scry our destination and teleport there.

Day 55
Damn the Sharn wall anyway.

Day 56
We have learned as much as we can from libraries and books. Tomorrow we depart for the stone lands and hopefully the tomb of Auguthra the mad.

Day 57
These barren stony lands are harsh and unpleasant to search. It would help if we had a better idea of what it was we were looking for, but all of the books were frustratingly vague.

Day 58
In our random wanderings we came upon a pair of gynosphynxes. We bargained with them rather than fought and now have a very good map of the region thanks to Thavelin’s drawing skills. There are some interesting looking ruins about a week away that could be our destination.

Day 59
(What follows is likely not an actual transcription of Ayamalia’s report. It seems likely that a bored scribe penned this rather than continuously recording “we walked towards the ruins, nothing much happened.”)

All the red giants before the tomb
They try to stop us don’t you know
But we move so quick (oh whey oh)
They’re falling down like a domino

Day 60
All the beholders in the tunnels
They got the antimagic rays
Gelatinous cubes (oh whey oh)
They wait at the bottom of pit traps

Day 61
Spynxy types with the hookah pipes say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walkin’ to the ruins

Day 62
Blond sun elves cast their rays
Prismatic eyes cross the floor
Duelists have the moves (oh whey oh)
He drops his foes then they bring him more

Day 63
All the barbarians, so sick of books
They like to punk their enemies
When the buzzer rings (oh whey oh)
They’re walkin’ to the Ruins

Day 64
All the elves in the marketplace say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walkin’ to the Ruins

Day 65
Pick your feet up and put them down
Lift your arm then bring it down
Life is hard you know (oh whey oh)
So strike a pose with an elven sword

Day 66
If you want to find all the explosions
They’re hanging out by the warmage
Followers of Shar or Bane (oh whey oh)
Dodge Torm’s blade or you won’t age

Day 67
All the Sunites for which men yearn
The party boys call for her turn
And the Archers know (oh whey oh)
They’re walkin’ to the Ruins

Day 68
All the rocks in the treasure stock say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walkin’ to the Ruins
Walkin’ to the Ruins

Day 69
We battled giants with red leathery skin and beholders to gain entrance to the ruins. Thavelin and I took the earth blooded humans they were using as mining slaves back to Kormyr.

Day 70
What we thought would be the Tomb of Auguthra the mad seems to be the upended remains of the Synod…though I am certain that I once read the fate of that city to be a watery death in the sea of fallen stars.

Day 71
It is strange to fight giants and beholders on what was once the ceiling of a room, but that is what we are doing as we travel “down” into the bowels of this ruin we are traversing paths that once lead to its highest towers. Synod flipped as it fell and landed on its head. Today we encountered a new horror in this warren of ancient hallways and freshly hewn tunnels. Apparently Phaerim breed by planting eggs in still living victims. The young then devour their agonized hosts from the inside out, eventually becoming strong enough to burst forth from their victim’s chest finally granting that poor soul relief from pain through the reward of death. We saved as many of the victims as we could, but many were beyond salvation. One of our rescuees, a Mystic Fire Knight of Halrua named Deltreth Mendry, joined our fellowship. The others Thavelin will return to their homes.

Day 72
We have finally cleared the fallen city of enemies. In the process we found Sharr and Auguthra the mad, not dead but combined into a single Sharn with a Phaerim. They are caged within a damaged Mythal which seethes with magic both dark and light. We are calling it the Shadow Engine.
We found the Book of the Black though we cannot read it,but Auguthra has granted us a vision of our quarry. Now we must find the place within the vision and reclaim the Quess Ar Teranthuar from those who stole it.

Day 73
Those we rescued are home and the Shadow Engine is safe. Sharr wishes to be freed from her captivity, and we promised to help her if we could. Once we made that promise Auguthra granted us a final vision: A chalice bearing the symbol of Aumanator that we found within Synod must pour golden liquid upon the Quess Ar Teranthuar or the weave is doomed.

Day 74
Darkason has identified the place in Auguthra’s visions. The Quess Ar Teranthuar are on the shoe of the sea of shade within the shadow of the floating city. He knows little of the Terraserr Auguthra advised us to seek, however. It seems that we must spend more time in research, and that Windsong Tower’s library will not aid us this time.

Day 75
We are searching for clues at Candlekeep. We traded them Auguthra’s notes for the privilege. Thavelin copied them first though, so we will have a version for Windsong Tower’s Library.

Day 76
We can now find Spellguard, I found a book on its construction that listed its true name, with that its location was not so hard to discover. A strange voice advised Thavelin to repair the keep. We believe it may have been the spirit of the silver dragon.

Day 77
We have a map of Anauraoch as it is, but not as it was. We still do not know how to find Oreme, though we have found mention of its full moon tower and haunted streets. We will try the library in Halrua before we attempt Spellguard.

Aster my friend, your aid may be need in our quest once more. Your lyre of building and beautiful music may do what we never could to convince Ishma Saharel to aid us.

Day 78
We spent a day in Halrua learning nothing new, but were attacked by members of a cult who want the secrets of ancient Netheril to stay secrets.

Day 79
Once Aster repaired Spellguard Ishma Saharel’ ghost was more than willing to help us find Oreme. It lies deep in the zone of Anauroch within which the weave has been destroyed.

Day 80
We spent this day preparing for the ordeal that lies ahead.

Day 81
Today we enter the area where Mystra’s gift has been destroyed. If I survive I will report again when I can.

Day 101
We have reached Oreme and discovered functional magic in a room far beneath the city. Many heinous monsters tried to stop us, but we persevered and have freed haunted Oreme from the Yuan-ti which were controlling it.

The Terraseer is an ancient Lich of a lizard-like folk who looked nothing like anything which lives today. He will aid us in exchange for the Shadow Engine and the Book of the Black. Deltreth managed to read the thing some time ago, but the ravings it contains were useless to us. Now we know why so much time and effort went into the creation of the Leaves of One Night. The Book itself is nothing but gibberish.

Conversation with the Terraseer has made many things clearer. There is no way to end this threat to all of magic and leave the Quess Ar Teranthuar in their current form. We must make our way through the desert once again and pour liquid sunlight from Aumanator’s chalice upon it. This will break the Quess Ar Teranthuar into many smaller pieces, each useful for researching magic, but none powerful enough to destroy it.

Day 102
With the Terraseer’s help we invaded the stronghold of the Tombtappers and reclaimed the chalice of Aumanator.

Day 103
We return to the desert today to attempt to complete our task hopefully Tyvullus Aluviirsan can hold the Quess Ar Teranthuar until we reach him. Perhaps one of you patient listeners could ask Darkason to watch for the shards of the Quess Ar Teranthuar as they scatter across Toril? I will report in again when I can, if I survive.

Day 123
We have succeeded in our quest, but only just. We forced our way through the desert past monsters and Shadow-var patrols. We have gotten sadly good at killing purple worms, and I have discovered that they think I look tasty. Monster’s in this desert always try to eat me first.. perhaps copper elves smell delicious? I certainly smell quite strongly now… two weeks in the sun with only the water one is carrying leaves an elf quite fragrant.

We passed through the warped forest of the miasma and fought serpents at the shore of the shadow sea. After that we travelled through a Shadow-var orchard and killed the guards posted within it. There we found a small circle of true magic surrounding the Quess Ar Teranthuar, Tyvullus Aluviirsan’s gift to us.

Phaerim appeared to stop us as soon as we breached the magical divide, though I know not why they would be working with the Shadow-var when they are ancient enemies. I carried Thavelin and Temudgin past them to the edge of the roots of our battered golden tree. Thavelin protected the three of us with his wardings while the rest of the party struggled to hold off three wizards mounted on shadow dragons, two Phaerim and a golem. I prepared and poured the liquid sunlight, starting the process of the Quess Ar Teranthuar’s demise. That demise was a slow thing, however, and the Shadow-var wanted nothing more than to stop it.

Thavelin managed to hold his wardings around it ‘til the very end, preventing any of the shades or their spells from interfering until he died shredded by the claws and teeth of a Shadow Dragon while surrounded by a storm of lightning and meteor fire. As he breathed his last the Quess Ar Teranthuar exploded in a blast that ripped through the shadow beasts like holy fire through an undead thing. I fell in the Final surge of magic, almost dead. I would not have made it out had not Alejandro carried me.

Temudgin’s fire finished off Lord Hardroun, the instigator of this horror, but the dragon’s still lived and we were in no condition to oppose them. We fled through a gate and ended up in Dweomerheart, Mystra’s own realm. It is amazing how easily a camel will pass through a gate when chased by dragons. Those dragons were foolish enough to follow and Mystra herself annihilated them before restoring Thavelin to us.

Sadly Tyvulus Aluviirsan died and the fellowship has decided to fracture. Thavelin and I should be home by the morrow, Hopefully you have not killed all of the invaders by now and there are still some Zhentillar forces for us to slaughter.



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