The Tearing of the Weave

Die of the Beholder

We have entered what appears to be the remnants of a Netherese sky city, that long ago was illegally, vertically, and violently parked in the desert sands. Someone really does not want to be disturbed here; there were giants, a sewn-together dragon golem, and a beholder watching the excavation entrance. I checked carefully, and there was no beauty in that beholder’s eye. There was, however, a heavy crossbow bolt. Thanks, Temudjin. Lemac killed the dragon construct. As for the giants, you can call me Jack. Not the samurai, the beanstalk guy. Ask a bard.

The interior of this buried wreck of a city is fascinating, especially if you don’t have vertigo or care about concepts like “up.” The archaeological value alone is immense; I am hoping to find some of it, in portable and precious metal form. There’s a water source down here; who knows where it’s coming from, but it’s turned a tower into a well shaft. Temudjin and I explored it, and ran into beholder number two, now with undead flesh. We took a plunge when it disabled our flying carpet; at least we hit water and not stone, and I am a good swimmer. Unfortunately for the death tyrant, our friends were still at the top of the shaft, and rained down destruction on it. Turns out, beholder corpses can be used as a flotation device. Thanks, Kosh.

We’re still exploring this area. I expect to find more giants, beholders, and shades. Maybe someday I’ll find the one who tried to capture my thoughts, and we can resolve our differences in a diplomatic and honorable, reasonable fashion. By which I mean, crossed swords in a dramatic setting.



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