The Tearing of the Weave

Flight of the Skymages

We brought the rescued prisoners through the Shadowdark to Castle Grimstead, but when we arrived, we found that the Zhentarim had attempted a frontal assault. I am very grateful we chose this location, as opposed to the druid grove, or Harper’s Hill, as I believe we might not have been able to defend against hundreds of foot soldiers at those sites. As it was, Arianna, Aster, and Malia were leading our followers in defense of the walls, while two skymages on foulwings soared overhead.

Kosh was unable to fire on the skymages, as they had protected themselves from missiles with spells, so he began to pick off the Zhentarim attempting to breach the gate and crest the walls with deadly precision. Malia and Ivak flew into the air on pegasi and began to attack the skymages, and I flew after them on my own. Temudjin appeared outside the walls of the castle, bringing with him a small military force of Cormyrian soldiers and war wizards, to our very great relief. Temudjin, Malia, Ivak and I slew one of the skymages and both of their foulwings, forcing the other skymage to teleport away. Robbed of their leaders and magical support, the Zhentarim were routed by the Cormyrians, as Temudjin annihilated their battering ram with blasting magic. Malia and I landed outside the walls and drove the stragglers away before they could have any opportunity to regroup.

In the aftermath, I tried to help and speak to as many of our citizen soldiers as I could, as we gathered ourselves after the victory and decided our next move. Shaeryl Amcathra disappeared, but reappeared later and informed us that she had slipped back into the Twisted Tower, learning of a drow representative lodging there from a rival house to Dhuurniv. We hope to use the documents in our possession to convince this drow that the Zhentarim are not acting in good faith to him.

Azalar has taken a group of our rangers and soldiers to ambush a Zhentarim resupply caravan, and we decided to catch up with him and provide assistance, in the hopes that the remaining skymages might be there. Our guess was accurate, as we found Eregul the Freestave and two of his skymages battering our forces from the air. We clashed immediately with them, and created a vicious maelstrom of sneak attacks, sword strikes, death spells, explosions, prismatic sprays, petrifications, clouds of acid and poison, arrows, and probably two or three other horrific things that I missed because I was busy trying to strangle Eregul.

The Freestave proved a vicious and resilient opponent, and fought the Fellowship to a standstill, although we managed to slay both of his skymage companions. Malia fought valiantly, slaying Eregul’s half-dragon mount from under him when the rest of the Fellowship was too battered to assist her, and then confronting him alone on the ground until he finally conceded the field and teleported away. I expect we will see him again. I’m very glad I gave Malia that spellblade as a “welcome” gift, she has proved her mettle to the Fellowship.



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