The Tearing of the Weave

The brooch diaries 28-32

Day 28

Today I officiated at my first funeral and attended a resurrection. It was not long after I bid our fallen comrades a good journey to the summerlands that I discovered Lemac the Barbarian’s desire to return so as to continue battlingg his foes. The rest of the fellowship was busy so the wizard Thavelin and I carried his dragon mauled corpse to Suzail where the Priestess of Tymora knew Lemac well.

Day 29

Alejandro went to Sembia today to bargain for the goods Shadowdale will need if it is to recover. He also purchased a gift for the Corinall. I know this because I accompanied him… he seemed nervous about seeing his family members again. I am not sure why; they seemed to get along well enough. His deeds are certainly things that any parent should be proud of.

I am glad that I accompanied him. The city was not beautiful in any way that I can comprehend… It was crowded with buildings, bodies and stench. The vastness of the ocean was beautiful though, and I admired the vast differences between that place and any I had ever encountered before. Instead of the outside places I am so familiar with humans seem to crave inside spaces, pressing their buildings close together and filling them with chains of open rooms.

Day 30

Today was another day filled with travel and newness. This time we visted Waterdeep and Blackstaff tower. Laril told me how to use the Windsong Kin ring I reclaimed from Eregul and took Darkhope’s sword from us to insure that it would never again fall into Zhentarim hands.

After that we visited a shop Alejandro seems to frequent. He gave me a large amount of money, which I used to improve the spells upon my armor and cloak. A soldier can never be too protected.

Day 31

We finally settles down to the business of rebuilding Shadowdale. I was glad to be still temporarily, as there are many things here that concern me. I feel it important that Shadowdale be left strong and under good leadership so that our enemies can not make of it a stronghold. Mourngrym’s abdication stirs the pot somewhat as far as leadership goes, but Aster speaks of staying with his people and I believe that Shadowdale will fare well under his command. Ivek communed with Torm who seemed to agree.

That commune gave us some disturbing news as well. It seems that something is amiss in Windsong Tower. I may have retrieved this ring too late to do any good with it.

Day 32

I finally returned home today, though not for good yet. Much remains to be done in Shadowdale, but it was nice to find shelter within my home tree again. I returned to find many gifts awaiting me… my new staircase was both a surprise and a delight

Equally disturbing, but not as delightful, is the song Kelloren Bluestar crafted from his dream. It was both beautiful and deeply disturbing to me and I feel driven to avert the catastrophe it promises… but I will have to consult with those more knowledgeable than I in magic and dreams before I understand how this can be accomplished. While I know that the dream of the blond man with the half mask who grieves for his lost trees is important, I cannot quite make sense of it… nor can I pull complete meaning from the riddle of the song.

Tall grew the trees in the hidden glade, Below the tower that was not a tower. Kept safe for eons from spell and blade, By guardians who wielded Mystra’s power. The words that sighed through their golden leaves Had been heard in part but never whole, But the tall trees fell to the hands of thieves And Magic’s death is now their goal. A precious circle of wizard’s skill Is the key to their sundered ground. Their home lies silent now and still ‘Til the door in Nature’s hall is found. The living must find that which is lost Before the world is riven, Or mortals and gods will pay the cost And lose forever the blessings given.



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