The Tearing of the Weave

The deep places of the world

We’re exploring the reaches of the Underdark, beneath Shadowdale. It’s cold and damp down here, and often as dark as blackest pitch, such that Kinokee can hide two feet away from us, behind a highly unlikely shrubbery, and we’d still never find her.

Met a huge shadow spider. I had a friend in wizard school that hated spiders. It’s a good thing she went into the sage business, because if she’d been here, she would have soiled her spellbook. Fortunately, Mr. Firesky snuffed the horrible thing with a phantasmal killer spell. Impressive.

Some of us have scouted ahead of the rest. Only now do I have the chance to update this entry. We found a vault of a cavern, round and wet and filled with a pool of dark, shadow-laced water in the center, with only a thin ledge all round. Couldn’t hardly see in there, it was filled with darkness not of this world, but of the Shadow realm. There was a watcher in the water, a great Fang Dragon, and a terrible battle. We almost lost Lemac the barbarian, and I flirted with Death again, for my part. We could not see to strike the thing unless we were so close as to be within its reach, and it kept to the water, fighting like a great crocodile.

Arianna tried many times to dispel the cloying darkness, but we could not pierce its power. Several of us, and I, struggled to land any blows on the beast, though we did injure it with divine fire. Eventually, our half-drow companion distracted it with a powerful bowshot, and I was able to take the opportunity to pierce its throat, as it lunged out of the blackness at me. It lays dead now, and I take my trophy from it.

I dove into the water and found a chest containing three beautiful blue sapphires, as big as bird’s eggs and flawless in form, as far as my monocle assessment can tell me. Aster says they are famous stones, and he hasn’t been wrong before.



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