The Tearing of the Weave

The War of the Weave

The Zhentarim army is defeated. My battle plan has been successful; Dalesfolk, Cormyrians, Sembians, Elves, Wolves, and Fey have driven the aggressor from the field. Those captured Zhentilar who accepted my offer of mercenary wages have upheld their bargain and fought, as has Iyri, the great black Wyrm, whom I know despises me, but has taken advantage of the opportunity to no longer owe me any favor by shattering our enemy’s lines with her fearsome might. I know that many did not like my dealings with Zhentilar turncoats and a great, evil, and powerful chromatic dragon, but they have held to their word, and fewer of our lives have been lost as the consequence.

I and my companions waited for the onslaught, directly within its path, and I sat atop Nightfeather, raising my sword to the advancing lines of the enemy, so that they could have no doubt as to whom they were facing. We fought the commanding vanguard of the Black Network; Eregul, Scyulla, and their closest minions. I have long wished to directly test myself against the leader of Zhentil Keep’s army, and Darkhope did not disappoint me. I offered her a last chance to amend her ways, as the paladin she once was, but she refused, and we crossed blades.

The others began to slay Darkhope’s vanguard of demons, and challenged Eregul the Freestave, now astride a full-blood black dragon. Lemac wounded the drake badly before it mauled and slew him, and I finished the beast with a shadowstrike thrust below the jaw, when Darkhope momentarily disappeared. Eregul and Malia had their second confrontation, and she again proved a resilient knight of the Elven Throne, wielding the Warblade itself, the likes of which I have never before seen. Even when seemingly struck down, she still rose to continue the fight. She must be touched by Tymora.

When Scyulla gave me an opening, I struck her twice, each time piercing her armor and magical protections and dealing grievous injury, and with the third blow, knocked her entirely from her nightmare mount, leaving her dead upon the field of battle. Fzoul’s fist of Bane lay dead by my hand. Eregul still remained, but Arianna channeled a frightening level of Sune’s divine power, and literally snuffed his existence. Malia caught his treasured Windsong ring as it fell.

I called for Nightfeather and rode the length of the battle, holding a flag of victory aloft, and our foes broke, their morale destroyed along with Scyulla and Eregul. We routed our enemy from the field of battle. I am now helping to tend to our wounded, and carrying out my relief plan, were we to be victorious. I will write more soon.



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