The Tearing of the Weave

Stop the Weave, Please, I'd Like to Get Off

I apologize for being remiss in adding to my journal, but I have been slightly busy, and by busy, I mean “trying not to be murdered by ancient Netherese sand-bastards.)

We located the entrance to Windsong Tower, or whatever is technically left of it, inside the naturalist’s guild in Myth Drannor. Whilst there, I met a traveler from the Shou Empire, one of the Shou Expatriates after the Tuigan invasion in the far east. His name is Matsumoto, and he seems to be a monk and practitioner of martial arts, although he seems incapable of providing straight answers to questions, and may be slightly… touched. However, he was not hesitant to assist us when we questioned him, and we have allowed him to follow our expedition, as he offered his assistance.

We also met Malia’s apparent boyfriend, Thavelin, an elven wizard. I am grateful to have the assistance of a utilitarian student of the Weave, although I admit surprise; I was fairly certain Malia was falling for Aster.

The tower itself is extradimensional, and inhabited by creatures with far too much time and arcane energy on their hands. One of the ‘greeters’ nearly massacred us with a few choice spells, and we almost resorted to physically destroying the entire chamber just to force him into the open. He appeared again later, this time in the guise of a warrior, and challenged us a second time; at least in this incarnation, he was visible and not inside the masonry and pillars of the hall. Did I mention the ghosts who fly out of the walls, strike, and then disappear again, and their infernal demon overseer that pulses blasphemy?

We also found a forge, guarded by several powerful golems and a battle horror. I am again pleased I purchased an anti-construct weapon, as my investment has paid handsome dividends, including allowing me to be the first member of the fellowship to construct a rare ‘gravel golem.’ I found an elvish rapier on a weapon rack here, apparently forgotten and left behind when the tower was evacuated. It is of significant power, and ensorcelled with fire magic. Obviously, I have purloined and kept it!

Eventually, we did find friends in Windsong; some elvish archmage of years past has fortified himself here, turning himself into a pseudo-construct and guarding a significant investment of magical resources. The library alone is filled with a thousand spells. Most importantly though, he was keeping something of incalculable power: perhaps the last still-unaccounted-for sample of the Nether Scrolls. I’m no wizard, and even I know of these: Netherese artifacts that are potentially the most powerful and destructive artifacts known on Toril, and supposedly made by Mystra herself. Any one of these scrolls pulses with infinite knowledge of magical and mundane power, which never exhausts itself; seemingly infinite. Windsong Tower was indeed a magical college of high standing, I would have been proud to flunk out of it.

Unfortunately, the Sharrans have been here. They stole the Nether Scroll; from what I have learned, the chief Sharran resorted to using the Wish spell itself in order to gain access to it. I suspect that he may have even been the same person who possessed Mourngrym, and attempted to do the same to me. I searched for clues and asked questions of the mage here, and we have a few leads. He has asked us to retrieve the Scroll, and we agreed, for if the Sharrans retain it, they will eventually decipher it, and figure out a way to apply its power in a Shadow Weave manner. Doing so could have damning effects, the planet, not just the Weave, could be literally damaged, or even rent asunder. I am beginning to wish I had retired after the Cormyrian incident!

The Windsong guardians have kindly given us some substantial resources to assist us in our task, their generosity in gold, platinum, and magic is much appreciated by those of us lucky enough to receive it. Our path appears to lead to the northern edge of the Stonelands, technically within northern Cormyr, but said area has, I know, long been overrun with orcs and goblins. There is a crypt somewhere in that area, of one Auguthra the Mad, which may contain the answers we need. Long ago, the agents of Windsong Tower attempted to explore it, but they did not return.

I imagine the Fellowship may soon have cause to visit this area. I will need to speak to Temudjin about this, obviously, as he has experience warring against the humanoids of this area, and has significant influence with our Cormyrian friends. I am sure that Lemac, also, will enjoy hearing the news; we have heard a great deal of pontification on his orc-slaying abilities, and some demonstration of such would be most refreshing.

I must admit, however, that we are now dealing with something of horrifying power. I hope we are not too late.



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