Alejandro de la Vega

Best swordsman, and founder, of the Fellowship of the Weave


Alejandro de la Vega was born in the city of Saerloon, in the nation of Sembia. His parents are Joao and Morgan de la Vega. Joao owns and operates a mercantile shipping company, which is referred to by the name of the ship it sails, the Silver Wind. Joao grew up a sailor on the Silver Wind, inheriting it from his father, whom Alejandro is named after. While in command of the vessel, Joao discovered a survivor of a shipwreck, floating at sea. She was a human woman, fair to the eyes, with long, very wet, dark red hair and blue eyes. Over the protests of the crew at taking a woman on board and violating superstition, he rescued her, and they fell in love.

Upon returning to port in Saerloon, Joao was dismayed to discover that the woman he had saved was, in fact, a wanted buccaneer of the Pirate Isles. He refused, however, to turn her in, and instead married her, helping her begin a new life (with a new last name.) She proved his equal at their business, and they lived happily and successfully as merchants and socialites, and share deep love. Soon, Alejandro was born.

From an early age, young Alejandro showed signs of a razor sharp mind, inherited from his father, as well as his mother’s physical grace and attractiveness. He was enrolled in expensive Sembian schools, and taught all the subjects that would make him a suitable heir for the business; as well as trained in the social arts of diplomacy, grace, and tact. Joao intended for his son to formally train as a wizard, since he was mentally well endowed to become one, and thus add considerable magical resources to the family holdings.

Alejandro, however, did not apply himself to his wizardly studies. He learned the most rudimentary teachings on ancient scripts, and developed some ability to ‘fake it’ when wielding an item imbued with magic, but his true interests lay elsewhere. He began to explore Saerloon, getting into trouble, making friends on the street, filching coins and stealing from fruit stands. His mother quietly encouraged him, wanting her son to do something that made him happy, not what the rules of society said he must do. She also taught him swordplay, agility, and instructed him in the faith held by his parents, Tymora for his father and Sune for herself. She taught him the use of the whip, to honor the goddess Sune and to give him a unique tool to tap his natural agility. She never mentioned how useful her own knowledge of such a weapon had been, when the time came to board a ship at sea.

Eventually, and inevitably, Joao found that his son was not succeeding at all in his wizardly schooling (Alejandro could not steal the report cards forever) and was in fact taking an entirely different path, despite all the money and attention lavished on his training. When the confrontation finally came, it was explosive. Alejandro did not tell his father that it had been his mother who had taught him all these “useless tricks with a cheap blade”, and instead bore the brunt of his father’s anger alone. He found himself thrown out of the house, his father never wishing to see him again in his fit of rage. His mother managed to slip him some gold and gemstones in the dark of the night, and Alejandro promised to return one day, to demonstrate to his father that he had, in fact, been successful. His mother embraced him, giving him a kiss, before he disappeared into the city.

The money she had given him got him started, in addition to his own possessions he had been cast out with, and he headed west, making his way by the blade, brain, charm, and the occasional “borrowed” coin purse. He found himself in the nation of Cormyr, in the city of Wheloon.

Alejandro de la Vega

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