The cruel and ruthless Wizard King of the kingdom of Hlontar.


Alokkair was a human wizard who helped a warlord named Hlonagh to found the kingdom of Hlontar in the Year of the Laughing Lich (536 DR). Alokkair served as Hlonagh’s court wizard for a time, but he eventually betrayed his ally and took the throne for himself.

Alokkair was a cruel and ruthless ruler. He maintained his grip on the lands of Tesh for a generation, hunting down any possible rivals and taking what he wanted for himself. However, in the Year of the Tumbled Moon (569 DR) his own daughters turned his household guards against him and led the people of Hlontar in a rebellion. Alokkair destroyed two of his rebellious daughters, but the youngest survived and succeeded in overthrowing him.

It is rumored that the Witch King Alokkair was a Necromancer, and who preserved his life as a lich after he fled his daughter and the kingdom of Hlontar. It is also rumored that Alokkair was a powerful Illusionist. It is uncertain which school the lich specialized in.

While he is currently un-dead, rumor has it he will soon be re-dead.


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