Holy Shield Ivak Grae, Defender of Torm

"May I grant you the peace in death...that you could not find in life."


Ivak is bold, quiet, and reserved. He speaks few words and always in a low and stoic voice. He primarily adorns himself heavily in metallic tones of gold, silver, and gray. He is known for consummately maintaining his composure, absolutely refusing to lose face in tough situations.

He appears to have no desire for wealth, fame, or love. His only motivation is his Penance of Duty, Debt of Persecution, and Debt of Dereliction. It has been exhibited on more than one occassion that he will willingly surrender his life, provided his goal, and the will of Torm is met.


Disciple of Torm / Crusader of the Light / Demise of Kurn Blackrage / The Ettin Faller / Slayer of Dark Doom Malathon / Ravager of Castle Krag / End of Esvelle Graycastle / Cuntpunter of Shar / Bane of Bane / Sealer of Portals / The Zhentarim Xenocider / Dismisser of Demons / Looter of Longjaws / Gorer of Gormauthator / Redeemer of Jyordhan the Dread Wraith / Nightmare of Nazrym the Slaver / Usurper of Urduthar / Lasher of Lashan / Mender of the Weave / Ouster of Orielen the Hexblade / Demolisher of Death Tyrants / Killer of Kensai Tolar / Future Chosen of Torm?

Holy Shield Ivak Grae, Defender of Torm

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