• Alora

    My father was like the forest I grew up in: often loving, occasionally harsh, always interesting, and seemingly eternal. He taught me to hunt and fish, gather fruits, grains, greens, nuts and tubers, tan the hides of our kills and stitch the furs into …

  • Arianna Rosemantle

    Rescued from Castle Krag along with her uncle Aidan and Azalar Falconhand. She is a Heartwarder of Sune who was captured while attempting to help the people of Shadowdale. She would like to rebuild the temple of Lathander that the Banites destroyed.

  • Aster Riversong

    Aster is a jack of all trades. The only trade he is legitimately the master of is the seduction of women. Aster is a native of Shadowdale who learned his bardic talents from Storm Silverhand herself.

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