The Tearing of the Weave

Esvele Graycastle's Letter

Letter from Prince Yder Tanthul to Esvele Graycastle

Darkest Esvele,

I hope this letter finds you well and ready to make the sacrifices the Lady of Loss demands of us all.

Lord Shadow recognizes your abnegation in sending us the Book of the Black, knowing that copies of this volume are few and far between, although I wish you had forewarned us that a fragment was missing. As you indicated, there is much to ponder in the ravings of Augathra the Mad and what in the Black Chronology inspired the Dark Diviners to write the Leaves of One Night.

Your persipacity in recognizing the nature of the ring in Eregul’s possession is also commendable (as is your insight that he does not understand what he holds), but, at least for now, the value inherent in acquiring it does not warrant jeopardizing our alliance with the Black Network. We have our own means of reaching the echo of Windsong Tower and will explore the chambers of Raanaghaun and Shar Cormrael by our own methods when time permits.

Yours in Shadow, Prince Yder Tanthul of Thultanthar



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